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Hattrick team

Stadium history

Emperor Mike Oval

29/July/2001 - 22/August/2001

Capacity: 7000 (5000 standing, 2000 seated)

Cost: rent of $7,800 p/w

TBA Stadium

26/August/2001 - 6/November/2001

Capacity:  23,000 (14,490 standing, 5,750 basic seating, 2,300 undercover seating, 460 in VIP lounges)

Cost: $762,200

Zebra Wolfgang Sports Centre

11/November/2001 -

Capacity: 42,000 (26,250 standing, 10,500 basic seating, 4,200 undercover seating, 1,050 in VIP lounges)

Cost: $882,300

Upgraded 25/January/2001

Capacity: 58,000 (36,250 standing, 14,500 basic seating, 5,800 undercover seating, 1,450 in VIP lounges)

Cost: $736,000

last game at the EMO - the Melbourne Cup final

EDO 1776 FC have won the inaugural Melbourne Cup Final.

In an unusual move, both managers sent their "A" teams in for this midweek cup final, to the delight of the 17500 spectators(*).

A moment of contemplation swept over the terraces as the home side ran onto the pitch, through the banner "BYE BYE EMO". Today's cup final would be the last fixture held at the Emperor Mike Oval, which is to be turned into an open range lion park next week by the Melbourne City Council.

Veteran Swedish midfielder Tommy Pettersson gave the otherwise young EDO side the lead in the 17th minute, but Vanderlay's weekend signing Anders Adelwald pulled the away team level just three minutes later.

In the second half, Vanderlay's midfield began to tire, and after twenty minutes EDO defender Mick Morgan made a run forward to find himself on the end of an Anders Ehnlund cross, and put the home team ahead again.

With four minutes to go, Adelwald recklessly fouled young Jens Ericsson and earned a caution and the ire of the home supporters, but they were sent into a rapture only moments later as Pettersson again slipped through the Vanderlay defence and coolly slotted the ball past the hapless Phil Adams.

Seconds later, EDO had another good chance as Wesley Freeman was brought down just outside the penalty area, but the resulting undeserved yellow card he received could not dampen the din of the already celebrating home fans, who stormed onto the pitch as the final whistle blew.

Celebrations are expected to go on into the night, but already the cranes and wrecking balls have assembled outside the ground in preparation for the historic Oval's demolition.

Fans are reminded that this weekend's league fixture against Stabbas Hawks will be held at the recently refurbished TBA Stadium. Plenty of parking will be available, and are also encouraged to take advantage of the a free shuttle service from Anstey railway station.

(*) footnote - only 1870 tickets were sold, but it's a Melbourne soccer club tradition to grossly inflate match figures :-)