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Round 1: 3rd October 2000 vs. Blues

Melbourne 4 October 2000 - EDO 1776 KICKED OFF the new Division 4 season with enthusiasm and determination last night on court 6 at the Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre against last season's rivals Blues.

After Blues scored two, EDO striker RÍCO struck back with a scorching free kick that found its way in the back of the net. Crowd favourite Tim JAMES was joined in defence by new signing Ian ORSZACZKI, and the combination proved formidable against the Blues onslaught. Keeper Graham LOOSMORE, who led the team onto the pitch, also proved he had lost none of the sparkling quality we saw from last season, making some world class saves to keep EDO in the game.

In the second half, Ríco fired again with a shot that took everybody by surprise and drew the Orange-utans level. The Blues defence looked set to crumble but they found themselves a goal ahead a short time later. Matt CURTIS found the equaliser with eight minutes to go, but despite some frantic attacks EDO could not press ahead.

Blues scored a late goal to take the match 4-3 in a contest that at times was quite physical, but in the end was won by attrition as EDO struggled with injury and exhaustion.

Match Summary:

Played at APISC court 6, Tuesday 3 October 2000, 8.00pm.
Attendance: 6
EDO 1776 FC: 3 (Ríco 2, Curtis)
Blues: 4
Pitch conditions: dry