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Round 13: 16th January 2001 vs. Sportica Athletico

Melbourne 13 January 2001 - A THRILLING CONTEST between EDO 1776 and Sportica Athletico finished in EDO's first non-technical win in two seasons.

Starting against only four of Athletico's first team, who were fortified by the referee's son in defence, EDO hit an early 1-0 lead. The rest of Athletico's team arrived shortly after kick-off, but EDO soon marked up another goal to lead 2-0 in the first five minutes. Things started to slow down and by half time Athletico had equalised, but the fifteen second interval seemed to revitalise EDO, sparking rumours of Gatorade laced with proton energy pills, because in the second half EDO raced ahead to 8-2.

After Athletico pulled a goal back, they were buried by a display of individual magic as Peter twisted and turned and stunned players and spectators alike. In a "Matrix"-like frozen moment he fired the tiny flat ball into the back of the net from the sideline, and the game ended 9-3.

NEXT WEEKS MATCH is against COUP, who only beat us by 2 goals when we met in the first half of the season. Given our current form (ahem) we should be looking at getting a result from that game too. This is the final match of the season! We have made a last minute signing of Alan Clark (welcome to the email list, Alan!), sports reporter and huge South Melbourne fan (you can read some of his match reports on the website "In The Back Of The Net").

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to Albert Park Grand Prix preparations, next week's game will be played OUTDOORS at a field 100m from the pit buildings. I'll try to find out more specific directions. The match time remains 7.20pm.

Match Summary:

Played at APISC court 5, Tuesday 16 January 2001, 6.40pm.
Attendance: 4
EDO 1776 FC: 9
Sportica Athletico: 3
Pitch conditions: dry