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Round 14: 28th May 2002 vs. Charltons X

Half arsed match report by Matt Curtis

Scoreboard Tells Half The Story

MELBOURNE 29 May 2002 - A line-up of Graham, Stu, Bazza, Matt, and the ref went down 6-16 to "Charltons X", despite some dazzling displays on the pitch.

Two goals that won't be forgotten for a long time (at least now that they've been written down here, anyway) were scored by Bazza and Stu, but the opposition was just too classy, with goals scored from an amazing header, a freakish chip, and a hat-trick from of goal mouth scrambles.

With a bye next week, last night was the last match of the season for EDO. Pending finals matches (which the team always somehow manages to qualify for) it's also going to be the last match for a while.

Match Summary:

Played at Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre, court 6, Tuesday 28 May 2002, 6:40pm.
Line-up: B. Womble, S. Black, G. Loosmore, M. Curtis, the ref.
EDO 1776 FC: 6
Charltons X: 16
HT: 2-7
Conditions: Dry.
Attendance: 1