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Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre

Competition: Tuesday Division 4

Round 113/02 Result
No NamesShow Stoppas8.00 
The Lost BoysInter-Pacific8.00 
Edo 1776SAS F.C9.40 @ Hobson's BayWon 7-3
CoupMinters Utd8.00 
Funny BusinessByeBye 
Round 220/02 
Inter-PacificNo Names8.40 
Show StoppasSAS F.C8.40 
The Lost BoysMinters Utd8.40 
Edo 1776ByeBye 
CoupFunny Business8.40 
Round 327/02 
No NamesSAS F.C9.20 
Inter-PacificMinters Utd9.20 
Show StoppasByeBye 
The Lost BoysFunny Business9.20 
Edo 1776Coup9.20 
Round 406/03 
Minters UtdNo Names8.00 
SAS F.CByeBye 
Inter-PacificFunny Business8.00 
Show StoppasCoup8.00 
The Lost BoysEdo 17768.00 
Round 513/03 
ByeNo NamesBye 
Minters UtdFunny Business7.20 
SAS F.CCoup7.20 
Inter-PacificEdo 17767.20 
Show StoppasThe Lost Boys7.20 
Round 620/03 
Funny BusinessNo Names  
Minters UtdEdo 1776  
SAS F.CThe Lost Boys  
Inter-PacificShow Stoppas  
Round 727/03 
No NamesCoup  
Funny BusinessEdo 1776  
ByeThe Lost Boys  
Minters UtdShow Stoppas  
SAS F.CInter-Pacific  
Round 803/04 
Edo 1776No Names  
CoupThe Lost Boys  
Funny BusinessShow Stoppas  
Minters UtdSAS F.C  
Round 910/04 
No NamesThe Lost Boys  
Minters UtdShow Stoppas  
Funny BusinessSAS F.C  
ByeEdo 1776  
Round 1017/04 
Show StoppasNo Names  
Inter-PacificThe Lost Boys  
SAS F.CEdo 1776  
Minters UtdCoup  
ByeFunny Business  
Round 1124/04 
No NamesInter-Pacific  
SAS F.CShow Stoppas  
Edo 1776The Lost Boys  
ByeMinters Utd  
Funny BusinessCoup  
Round 1201/05 
SAS F.CNo Names  
Minters UtdInter-Pacific  
ByeShow Stoppas  
Funny BusinessThe Lost Boys  
CoupEdo 1776  
Round 1308/05 
No NamesMinters Utd  
ByeSAS F.C  
Funny BusinessInter-Pacific  
CoupShow Stoppas  
Edo 1776The Lost Boys  
Round 1415/05 
No NamesBye  
Funny BusinessMinters Utd  
CoupSAS F.C  
Edo 1776Inter-Pacific  
The Lost BoysShow Stoppas  
Round 1522/05 
No NamesFunny Business  
Edo 1776Minters Utd  
The Lost BoysSAS F.C  
Show StoppasInter-Pacific  
Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre
Pit Building 3, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park VIC, 3206
Tel. 9696-6900 Fax. 9696-6901
PO Box 9, Port Melbourne VIC , 3207

Fixture Date 6th February 2001