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News Archive

May 2002

TAKING A BREAK - After playing continuously since 27 June 2000, EDO will be taking a break.

CLUB HISTORY - Here's a short list of important dates in the club's history.

FIXTURES CHANGE - Due to the players' strike we have a BYE on the 7th of May - see you all next week!

April 2002

EDO MAKES IT A DOUBLE - Reading Alan Clark's match report, it's easy to believe you're actually there!

March 2002

IT'S A BOY - Callan Ernesto Loosmore was born at 5:51pm on Friday 22nd March 2002.

FIXTURES UPDATED - ALL rounds for this season updated. And we're back at the Albert Park pit buildings.

February 2002

EDO OUT OF FINALS - The now infamous events of 12/2/2002 have been recorded in both the police report and in Alan Clark's match report.

NEW VENUE FOR FINALS - Expecting record crowds, EDO's finals have been moved to Brunswick Secondary College (Dawson Street, Brunswick).

FINALS TIME AGAIN - A late string of victories have somehow led us to the semifinals. We play Athletico Large at 8:40PM.

EDO's Winning Streak Ends - Drown your sorrows with Alan's match report of an entertaining but otherwise fruitless final match of the season.

January 2002

TWO IN A ROW - Relive a vicarious victory with Alan Clark's report of our back-to-back triumph.

EDO WIN AGAIN - Read Alan Clark's match report about our late night victory at Uni High.